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The Independent Rose is an online community for women to feel safe, supported, and uplifted.  It’s a space that acknowledges the in-between periods of life and normalizes not having it all figured out. Through honesty, compassion, and real-life experiences, I aim to help women accept their unique paths and processes. Learning to be independent and confident is the first step towards living a truly aligned life. Once we become our own best friend, we truly start living.

Who is the independent rose for?

The Independent Rose is for any woman who feels ready for a change and hears a little voice inside telling her that there is more to life.

It’s for anyone who feels the intuitive pull to make a massive change but doesn’t know where to start. 

But most importantly, it's for the woman who is ready to live life courageously, unapologetically, and fiercely independent. 



I’m a twenty-something navigating life on my own terms. I struggled with my mental health for a long time, living in constant stress, anxiety, and unhappiness. I didn’t know who or what my purpose was and being alone terrified me.

When I finally built a healthy relationship with myself, it felt like I had discovered a whole new world. A world where I was no longer a prisoner to my own thoughts. I started coming home to myself through different methods and practices, one less panic attack each day. I realized that being independent and building a sense of self-worth was one of the best things I could have done for myself and my mental health. It helped me build the confidence to do what I wanted and finally feel free. 

I’m down-to-earth, adventurous and thrive off stepping outside my comfort zone. I live life on my own terms and write my own story every day. 

When I'm not busy with The Independent Rose you can find me at Yoga, discovering new coffee shops in Toronto, Travelling, and aimlessly scrolling through Tik Tok for hours.

Hi, I'm Rose

to build a community of fierce, independent women who share one thing in common—they are ready to become their best selves.

my Mission

my Mission

to build a community of fierce, independent women who share one thing in common—they are ready to become their best selves.

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